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Seven face charges in updated indictment on CA gambling ring | The Sacramento Bee

Raz Razla, 48, also of Sherman Oaks, is being charged with false statements made to a grand jury after stating in court he was unaware of charges against one of the four original defendants as of February 2018. He allegedly knew about the charges in December 2017, Tuesdays news release states. Shani was arrested Monday in San Francisco and detained pending a court appearance in Sacramento, according to the news release. Atari was arrested Sept. 1 at Los Angeles International Airport. Dadon and Razla each have their initial court appearances Tuesday in Los Angeles, the news release said. The four join both Gohars and Eran Buhbut, a 33-year-old Oakland resident, as co-defendants in the case, which is being prosecuted by assistant U.S. Attorneys Matthew M. Yelovich and Miriam R. Hinman.

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Destin Council approves gambling ban

Sep9,2018at10:15AM Sep9,2018at10:15AM DESTIN The City Council has unanimously approved an ordinance that prohibits most types of gambling in the city. The ban took effect last Wednesday, immediately after the council approved the second and final reading of the ordinance. While the ordinance further strengthens Destin officials' stance against gambling in the city, that stance could be challenged in the years to come. Prohibiting gambling activities in Destin is in the best interests of the city and its residents because gambling exploits the poor and disadvantaged, the increased availability of gambling leads to gambling addiction and gambling attracts fraud and corruption, officials said in a City Council agenda report. The citys land development code already had prohibited gambling industries and casino hotels in all zoning districts. The intent of the new ordinance is to broadly prohibit any form of gambling other than bingo games and state-administered lotteries within the city limits, according to city information.

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